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The Productivity Assistant that helps you have everything under control & get things done!

How it works

The Future of Getting Things Done


Have everything on your radar - always

No more having to manually check if something needs your attention. Gossik checks it for you and gives you an overview, accessible with 1 click!


Start being productive within seconds

Stop wasting time checking your whole to-do list and feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Get productive immediately through Gossik's smart task suggestion.


Have everything in one place

Combine your notes, to-dos, projects and calendar in Gossik to have everything accessible in one place!


Get on top of things. Conquer the world.

Gossik is the digital productivity assistant for people that want to reach their full potential.
Start your day right
Get briefed in the morning with an overview of everything that needs your attention to start your day right.
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Add tasks quickly
Add your tasks within seconds and optionally define all essential properties that are important to you
Use your time effectively
Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your long to-do list, Gossik suggests one optimal task you can start with right away.
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Get Rid of Procrastination
Gossik confronts you when you are procrastinating on certain tasks and actively helps you to tackle them.

A word from the Founders


What our Users say

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Meet the Pioneers that helped us shape Gossik from its start!

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Management Assistant to the Group CEO & Founder of HomeServe plc


«My life goal is to maximize positive contribution to society to make other people’s lives easier!»




Data Scientist &
Machine Learning Expert 


«I aspire to be a real world problem solver through data and making a mark in life!»



Executive Assistant & Homeschool Mom


«My mission is to utilize my gifts and talents to help others achieve their dreams!»

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What value do I get out of Gossik?
    Gossik is built so that you are fully in control of the many projects you are involved in and make continuous progress towards your goals without getting stuck or procrastinating all the time.
  • When will Gossik become available?
    Gossik is already available as beta test version for both, iOS and Android. See how you can get access to our beta here.
  • Will Gossik charge any fee?
    To get used to Gossik in the beginning, we offer a 2-week free trial. After that, Gossik costs $5 / month.
  • Is Gossik available in my language?
    Currently, Gossik is available in English only. More languages will be added over time.
  • Do I really need to do an onboarding call to get access to the beta?
    In order to get access to the free trial, yes. For us it's important to really understand what hinders you from reaching your goals and how Gossik can give you the most value. We want to accompany you as good as possible to celebrate successes together! We are aware that it is not always easy to jump on a call with someone that you don't know. However, we assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • For whom is Gossik built and why?
    Gossik is built for the young and ambitious people. We focus on this target group because of three reasons: 1. We also belong to this target group and can therefore identify ourselves with them very well. 2. At a young age you go through a lot of major life changes, have many things going on at the same time, and want to conquer the world. Yet, many lack a proven organizing system they have built up over years and can fully rely on. 3. Let’s face it – even though we might be very ambitious, we are also the group that procrastinates the most.
  • Does Gossik use AI?
    Not yet. However, we are using smart algorithms that learn from almost every click in the app. This way, Gossik gets to know the users and their routines, schedules, and preferences and can assist them in a very personalized way. Real AI is planned in the future to make the assistance even better.
  • What are you doing with my data?
    Nothing! All that Gossik does is learning from your clicks within the app, it does not look at the input (e.g. a specific task or project) itself. Furthermore, the data is stored on GDPR compliant servers.
  • What platforms can I integrate into Gossik?
    You can synchronize your calendar that is installed on your phone. Whatever is entered there as an event will also be integrated into Gossik. Also, if you add a deadline in Gossik, it will be visible in your phone calendar. That also means that in case you have synched your mobile calendar with Outlook, Gossik has access to the events in Outlook. We are not yet focusing on integrating more platforms (e.g. other calendars or other to-do list apps to import to-dos) but this is on the roadmap.
  • Is Gossik better suited for the personal use or for work?
    Both! We have users that use it to organize their workday but also want to make progress in their personal projects at the same time.

Download now.

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