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Fight Procrastinated To-Dos

Gossik learns which to-dos you procrastinate - by the number of times you clicked 'Next' on the same to-do. After a certain number of 'Next' clicks, Gossik will pro-actively confront you by asking you, why you don't want to do this task. You can then choose from several reply options and depending on your reply, Gossik tries to resolve the issue with this to-do.

For example, when you reply with the option 'I don't like this task', Gossik will ask you why you want or need to get it done, or it will define a reward with you when you get it done. It will then set a deadline for this to-do with you and encourage you with push notifications, using your reasons and rewards as motivation, to make you get it done.

Or when you reply with the  option 'This task is too big or I don't know how to start', Gossik will define with you the concrete next small action step that you can take to make progress in this to-do and save this as a new to-do to get you started.

Check for Urgent To-Dos

Every evening, Gossik checks if there are any urgent upcoming tasks - a task becomes urgent when the deadline comes closer or when it has been on your to-do list for too long. If there are urgent tasks, you will receive a push notification to have a look at them with Gossik. Based on your schedule for the next 2-3 days, Gossik will suggest suitable times to work off your urgent tasks. After your confirmation, Gossik puts them directly into your calendar and reminds you accordingly.

Schedule To-dos for User

Whenever you create a new to-do, Gossik checks for suitable times to work it off - based on what Gossik learned about your daily schedule and routines.


For example, when you create the to-do 'Do laundry' that takes 45min and assign it to your project 'Household', Gossik checks when you usually get things done from the project 'Household' and looks for a 45min window in your calendar. It then suggests you the suitable times and after your confirmation, it puts it directly into your calendar and reminds you accordingly.

To-Dos delete automatically after X days

This is a very extreme feature. Every to-do - no matter what - gets deleted after let's say 15 days. Gossik lets you know about this process every time you create a to-do, and it will also remind you - like a deadline that comes closer - about the date your to-do gets deleted. With this, you have two options: Either, you get it done within 15 days, or, you accept that you won't do it anyway and forget about it.

A lighter version could be, that after 15 days, you cannot see the to-do anymore and you need to reactivate it or something - it just needs to be something that you don't like to do regularly to act as a punishment.

Start To-Do after 10sec (Already implemented)

When you take too long to decide what to-do you want to work on right now, Gossik will take over this decision to get you started. Every time you click on 'Next' on the main page to skip a to-do, a timer of 10 seconds will start. At the end of the 10 seconds, Gossik automatically starts whatever to-do you are looking at right now.

Slice Big Tasks (Already implemented)

When you create a new to-do and input a duration bigger than 30min, Gossik will pro-actively remind you that bigger to-dos are way more often procrastinated than smaller to-dos. It will then suggest to slice this bigger task into multiple smaller ones which are then worked off easier during the day.

Automatic Deadlines (Already implemented)

Deadlines help significantly to get to-dos done. When you create a new to-do and don't set a deadline, Gossik will automatically set itself a goal to get this to-do done with you within X days. Therefore, it will automatically add this deadline to your to-do and help you to get it done in time.

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