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Feature Guide


Task Suggestion

Based on Gossik's algorithms the optimal To-Do is shown to you at all times.

Adding a To-Do

Adding well-structured To-Do's is simple, but crucial.


Gossik actively communicates with you. Find out how.


The menu comes in handy if you need an overview or want to provide feedback.

Task Suggestion
Task suggestion

For you to not be overwhelmed by classic To-Do lists Gossik is based on algorithms that learn from you to always choose and present your optimal To-Do.

Why is this the optimal to-do to do right now?: ​If you click on the text Gossik will tell you why it picked this task right now. Here Gossik shows "Work on Gossik" because it has a high priority, the deadline is approaching soon and I usually work on this project.

Set available time: With this feature you can choose how much time you have at hand and Gossik will show you a To-Do that is doable within that timeframe. 

Filter: You can filter tasks by project or by attribute. 

Add a task
Adding a To-Do

Adding To-Do's is simple, but at the same time crucial for the optimal task suggestion.

Attributes: By adding a # to your To-Do you can create an attribute that helps you to categorize tasks to your preference. 

Duration: Estimate how long a certain To-Do will take you and let Gossik support you with task slicing. 

Priority: You can set a low, medium or high priority so that Gossik immediately knows which tasks are important.

Project: Adding tasks to certain projects helps with keeping your To-Do list in order. Further, you might be working on certain projects at a specific time of the day and Gossik wants to learn that!

Deadline: Setting deadlines is one of the most effective measures to stop procrastinating. If you don't set a deadline yourself, Gossik will take over and schedule this task within the next 9 to 15 days. 


Part of an effective assistant is to actively interact with you.​

Gossik interacts with you through a broad variety of features and notifications.

For instance, if you skip a certain To-Do too often, Gossik will try to keep you accountable and find a solution to tackle the task at hand (see picture on the left).

In the morning you receive an overview with scheduled tasks and appointments for the day. 

Throughout the day Gossik will always be in contact with you, trying to motivate and actively remind you of upcoming deadlines.

Coming soon: A debriefing in the evening to track your daily progress and critical tasks!


 Privacy Policy1ssss


In the menu you can find overviews, settings and give feedback. 

To-Do list: Here you find your whole To-Do list clearly laid out. 

Projects: Here you find an overview of all your projects and the corresponding To-Do's.

Settings: In the settings you can manage your attributes.

Give Feedback: Put in all your spontaneous feedback here. We appreciate it strongly because we want to get better every day!

Questions or feedback? Please reach out to
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