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The Productivity Assistant for the Young & Ambitious

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The Future of Getting Things Done

Plan your day with ease


Lean back and be guided through your daily planning. Most steps are automated so you can plan your schedule within minutes.


Start being productive within seconds

Stop wasting time checking your whole to-do list and feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Get productive immediately through Gossik's smart task suggestion.


Get the only tool you’ll ever need

Have everything under control at all times and make continuous progress towards your goals.

How it works

Get on top of things. Conquer the world.

Gossik is the digital productivity assistant for the young people that want to reach their full potential.
Start your day right
Get briefed in the morning with an overview of everything that needs your attention to start your day right.
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Add tasks quickly
Gossik learns from all the information you put in about the task and dynamically adapts them to your current situation, e.g. automatically setting a deadline for you.
Use your time effectively
Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your long to-do list, Gossik suggests one optimal task you can start with right away.
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Get Rid of Procrastination
Gossik confronts you when you are procrastinating on certain tasks and actively helps you to tackle them.
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