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The digital productivity assistant that gets to know you

Have everything under control and get things done!

Thousands of productivity tools out there, yet you still have to manage everything yourself! With today's technology, there must be a better solution than that...

With Gossik, we do better!

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How am I doing screen_shadow.png
Get an overview with minimal effort
No more going through your list and calendar by yourself to see if you are up-to-date. Gossik does it for you and shows you everything that needs your attention at one sight.
Use your time effectively
Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your long to-do list, Gossik suggests one optimal task you can start with right away - aligned with the routines & preferences it has learned from you!
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Get rid of procrastination
Gossik confronts you when you are procrastinating on certain tasks and actively helps you to tackle them.
Keep your lists lean & clean
Gossik autonomously interacts with you when it feels like something needs your attention - nothing to do from your end!
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