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The Future of Getting Things Done

How can it be that with thousands of productivity tools out there, there is still not an ultimate tool that really fixes procrastination and helps us stay on top of things effortlessly?

How Can It Be?


Current Tools are Passive!

There is one simple reason: The current to-do list and calendar tools are passive. It all depends on us to prioritize our tasks, manage them, set reminders, avoid procrastination, and so on.

This requires a lot of discipline and effort which is why many of us stop using these tools after only a short period of time even though we started with tons of enthusiasm.
With today's technology, there should be a better solution than that!  

With Gossik, we do better!

Instead of creating just another productivity tool, we develop a digital productivity assistant that gets to know you and supports you actively.

learns from your user behavior, what kind of routines you have, how you prioritize your tasks and get them done, how you plan your day, schedule tasks, etc.
With that knowledge, Gossik can prioritize & manage your to-do list for you, autonomously remind you of the right things at the right time, foresee problems in advance and proactively come up with suggestions - without you having to manage everything manually!

Words From Our Users

No more procrastination

Gossik detects tasks that stay on your list forever. It will proactively confront you, find out what is wrong with it and then assist you in solving the issue and eventually getting it done.
Smart reminders

Gossik goes through your list of tasks and calendar by itself and proactively sends you reminders when it feels like something needs your attention - even if you didn't set a reminder manually. 
Dynamic prioritization

Gossik learns from almost every click within the app and finds patterns in your working routines. This way it can dynamically prioritize your to-do list at any given time for you.
Assisted planning

You like to plan ahead? Awesome! At the end of every week, Gossik will give you a recap and then guide you through the planning of the next week so that you don't have to do everything by yourself.
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Ready for the future?

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